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oh my

so i went into work today and was informed the director of operations is going to be at the service meeting i'm putting on this saturday. typically i would be excited except we've had a run of upset customers over the past month. we get corporate calls and they relay them to us. needless to say people are more apt to call about being upset then they are about what a great time they had. so now i'm under the microscope...we all have been for these first months. i can't believe i thought i could take on a new store opening being a brand new manager for this company. i'm frustrated...i feel like i have been set up for failure and i let myself scum to the trials put in front of me. i came into this job expecting success. i still expect success and yet right now i don't know how to achieve that. i can't lose this job. well i can but i don't want to. i've put a lot of heart into the people i work with and the job that i do. it feels like no matter how much i love it i might just not be capable of doing it.

okay, enough of the pity party. i'm a smart woman and i will find the way to succeed in this company. i just have to use my resources to analyze what i'm doing wrong.

i have to find the balance in the force:) between my wife and family and my job. i was raised a work aholoic and now i have someone in my life who keeps me informed when i go into that mode. the first thing i thought when i got the news was that i needed to go in early. no, i just need to come up with an action plan that will save my job and my pride.

so, off to the drawing board

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