aletha (areefa) wrote,


random thoughts run through my head and i find myself lost in the whirlwind. the anomosity i hold towards myself pelting me at every turn. in the midst of the anger and frustration of temptation i am free to choose my path. the will that is allowed to manifest in us all drags me to and fro. i find solice in the realization that life consists of choices. each decision effecting the next....but there will always be a next. in the uniform society of right and wrong we try so hard to be normal. and yet the who are we comparing oursleves to? who is the standard? in a community of diversity we look down upon our neighbors as if it's our place to judge. the judgement we project onto others only represents our own inner striff. i struggle everyday not to put myself down and yet the reality comes in waves. there's nothing that can be done for the self-concious soul...unless they can truely be concious of themselves. i yearn to share this awakening and yet the fear settles in. of course there will be eyes watching...waiting to tear me to shreds...but ther will also be a little girl who might hang onto her life for a little while longer. to help those who feel helpless know that it is natural. to let them know helpless is the hardest emotion to feel. the anger that follows leads to the distruction of our youth. that defense is taking our society into a spiral. we are afraid to be hopeless.....i'm afraid we are. the faith that i carry only brings me peace...and i pray that indvidually our youth can grasp that same security.
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