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new year's eve

so it's the last night of 2005. what to do with myself? i wonder so often how the contest of this or that effects the fact that we are all going through the process of foreseeing a brand new year. i for one see only the contrast of a new year resolution and the actual want to change ones lifestyle. how can we promise every year to change the person that we have become. that's a lifetime resolution....not a new year's resolution. imagine the concept behind a whole new year. i get distracted and yet i still feel the meaning of the actual day at hand. god love the innocent...too bad i'm no longer innocent. how can the pious christian preach to the rest of the land about the holiness of god when god is the being that sends the majority of the world to "HELL". is hell the want of holy beings or is it the threat to bring the world together. i personally feel that hell is earth. being sent back is our souls dealing with hell. you know the older souls know more and instruct the younger....and the younger are politicians.

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