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i have come into a place in my head where i completely understand my relationship with my wife. she needs as much as i do...she worries as much as i do...she is restless as much as i am restless. i don't know if that is the underlying reason that i want to move out of this state so badly. she is truly the love of my life and if she stayed i would stay. i just want to experience us outside of our families.
i just had a moment...i am not a family person. don't get me wrong, i love my family with all of my heart. BUT they have ignored me all of my life. so i don't feel the obligation of giving them my time.
wow- that was a big moment. i want to live my life and let them live there's. it is very evident to me that they are just fine without me. so who's to say i am not just fine without them. i want to be a good daughter, but i think i need good parents to show me the way.
not at 25 but at 6.
so what do they expect.
i think that's why i have such a hard time with kristen's family and their control over the way she feels.
she is such a strong woman yet i have seen the little girl come out every time anyone in her family is around.
i guess we all have one relationship with our parents. the personality they EXPECT or the personality that we REVOLT AGAINST! that's our choice i suppose. if i look at society though they obviously want the personality they EXPECT.
ah well, say la vie
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You are a beautiful, bright, intellegent amazingly wonderful woman with everything to offer this world.
I promise we will move away for a little while - My home is wherever you are - whether it be Seattle, a tent in the middle of no where, colorado ..wherever.

I love you more than I can even comprehend at times - but I will never stop trying to udnerstand the depth of our love. Its amazing - simply put.

I adore you and love you,