aletha (areefa) wrote,


i find my mood swings entanglign my mind into the craziest of thoughts. the imaginations of my soul interact slowly wiht the workings of my mind. fear carries my heart into a realm of confusion and extremes. i hate that the only balance i have consists of the comfort of the people in my life. i feed so much off the energy around me it's hard to decipher what is my own. in the midst of the courage and pride i've found the judgement that follows leaves me shattered on the floor of my imagination. how to overcome the stresses of unhappiness? and clinge to the wonder of pure bliss? the amazement stems from the encouragement of the under tone of my life. the current that God has placed deep within my core and allowed me to feel. only in this grace do i find the relaxation i long for and only in my heart does that place lay. i find the ultimate satisfaction in knowing that the understanding of family is there. that the understanding of self is there. i am enthralled at how quickly i move in this world and how quickly in turn the world moves around me. help me ride the tide--help me relaz into myself---help me just BE! leaf
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